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About / Why Us

At Tax Gallery, we believe that a tax preparer should do more than just entering the tax data.  Your tax preparer should be able to look at the big picture, analyze the tax return, point out any red flag, provide tax advice and steer you away from potential tax problem.  That's the difference between a great tax preparer and a data entry tax preparer.  In addition, we will take the time to understand your particular tax situation and provide you with an individual custom solution to meet your tax needs.  Rest assure that we have the tax knowledge, expertise and technical background to support you.  Below is a summary of our tax principal background and organization tax practice.

Enrolled Agent (EA)

EAs are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  It is the highest credential the IRS awards.  EAs must pass comprehensive IRS examinations covering individual and business tax returns or have experience as a former IRS employee.

Master Degree in Taxation

In addition to being an EA, our tax principal has a Master Degree in Taxation.  You can rest assure that we have the tax knowledge, expertise and technical skills to prepare your individual, business and tax-exempt organization tax returns accurately.

Former Tax Auditor

As a former tax auditor, we know how the tax auditor works and thinks.  We also know what the tax auditor can and cannot do during a tax audit.  While we cannot make the tax audit magically disappear, we can certainly help and guide you throughout the tax audit ordeal.


With over 14 years tax experience preparing thousands of individual, business and tax-exempt tax returns, we are not the "new kid on the block".  From our experience, we know that certain things can raise a red flag or increase your chance of being audited.  Wouldn’t you want to know if your tax return screams "Please Audit Me"?  At Tax Gallery, we will guide you and point out any red flag before finalizing your tax returns.

Straight Forward

Have you ever been in a situation where you were quoted one price and had to pay more due to hidden fees?  At Tax Gallery, we know that money doesn't grow on a tree (unfortunately) and you work hard to earn it.  Therefore, we believe in being straight-forward and will let you know up-front how much our fee is.

No hidden fees.  No tricks.  No surprises.

Peace of Mind

We stand behind our work.  In the unlikely event we make a mistake, we will reimburse you for any tax penalty and interest related to our mistake.